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Cicero–Vegetius-Frontinus: De re militari. 15th Century Manuscript

Giving Away a Borrowed Book

The famous Hungarian writer and literary scholar, György Aranka (born on 15th September 1737), created during the last decades of the 18th century  the Erdélyi Nyelvmívelő Társaság (Transylvanian Literary Society) and the Transylvanian Society for Manuscript Publishing (Erdélyi Kéziratkiadó Társaság) in Târgu-Mureș. This learned man who was respected all over Transylvania also had good connections with the library-founding Chancellor Teleki, they even collaborated in getting hold of or copying historic manuscripts. The Teleki Library was presented by Aranka with a masterfully executed 15th century manuscript, with the following dedication on the first page: ‘To become part of his Ex(cellency) Hon(ourable) C(ount) Samuel Teleki’s Transylvanian book collection, Sincerely György Aranka, mp (manu propria)’. This volume that contains the military writings of three ancient authors – Cicero, Vegetius, Frontinus – is one of the Teleki Library’s five codices.

However, this manuscript that Aranka has given to the Library as a present was not his property. During the 27th assembly of the Erdélyi Nyelvmívelő Társaság held in 1797, Aranka gives account on how he visited the Monastery of Șumuleu Ciuc and it was the collection of the monastery that he borrowed the manuscript from, with the intention to study and to copy it ...

György Aranka passed away 200 years ago in Târgu-Mureș on 11th March 1817.


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